17 September 2012


Droidcon is an annual event that takes place in several countries since 2009. It is focused on Android features and it was created for developers who are interested in operating with Android. Droidcon Bucharest takes place on 2-3 November, and it is the most important event of its type in Eastern Europe. Romania joins the countries that are hosting Droidcon, a business gathering focused on Android features and apps development.Droidcon Eastern Europe takes place in Bucharest, on 2/3 November 2012. The event invites all those who are passionate about Android to take part in an unique event and to share their knowledge and their ideas with those alike, in order to create both personal and business oportunities. Buy tickets here: http://ro.droidcon.com/register

10 April 2014

Antonio Eram, mobilPay.com: Pentru plăţile sub 20 de euro SMS-ul este rege. Plata medie prin aplicaţii wallet este de 200 de lei

1 April 2014

Prima plată offline cu ajutorul telefonului s-a realizat într-o florărie din Braşov

27 March 2014

Şi cardurile Maestro permit plăți online de pe telefon prin mobilPay Wallet